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Originally the Oakland Seals, and then the California Golden Seals, the Cleveland Barons came to be at the beginning of the NHL's 1976-77 season. Poor (though slowly improving) attendance in Oakland had motivated team owners to look for other options, and their request to relocate the franchise to Cleveland was granted by the NHL following the conclusion of the 1975-76 season.

As it would turn out the move would be for naught. The attendance actually dropped following the move to Cleveland (only 8,900 fans attended the team's first home game). They also ran into financial difficulties surrounding their lease, and at one point during 1977 actually had to accept an emergency bailout from the NHL and NHLPA to avoid folding mid-season.

Things were just as dismal on the ice as they were off it. The Barons, like the Golden Seals before them, didn't come close to a .500 record during their two year tenure in Cleveland, winning only 50 of 160 games played, and enduring one of the worst slumps in league history when they lost 15 consecutive games.

Ultimately, ownership's decision to move the team to Cleveland was a distaster, and the franchise lasted only two years before financial circumstances led to a merger between the Barons and the Minnesota North Stars. The resulting franchise retained the North Stars name.

The dissolution of the Cleveland Baron's franchise left Ohio without an NHL franchise for 22 years, when the Columbus Blue Jackets joined the NHL during the league's most recent expansion. Despite the fact they only lasted two seasons and it has been more than 30 years since they merged with the North Stars, Cleveland Barons jerseys, hats and apparel are still much sought after prizes by collectors of NHL memorabilia.